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The Right Solutions for the Cat Food Now

From 10 years old, your cat enters its “big age” which means her nutritional needs are changing. Its immune defenses weakening, the first signs of renal deficiencies appearing, it is advisable to modify its diet. Now you need the best choices here and that is why we are all discussing here the right diet option for your cat.

By giving food adapted to the needs of a senior cat, you will considerably increase its lifespan. Indeed, a cat to which one gives an adapted food and which is followed regularly on a medical plan can live beyond 15 years and, in certain particular cases, to exceed 20 years. For the soft dry cat food now you will have plenty of options now.

Feeding an old cat

Stimulate appetite

With age, the cat’s appetite only decreases. It is therefore important to stimulate his desire by offering him pleasant and varied dishes. Never forget to serve the food at room temperature, so your cat can smell and taste it perfectlybecause in older cats, the senses are also less sharp. Opt for special senior cat food.

Facilitate ingestion

It is important to choose foods whose consistency requires no effort to chew your cat. Otherwise, he risks turning away from the dish.

Promote digestion

Over time, your cat’s assimilation capacity has become less; this is why it is advisable to privilege a very digestible food.

Adapt its composition

Choose a food specially designed for senior cats: excellent quality proteins, low phosphorus concentrations (to encourage kidney function) and a vitamin E supplement (to strengthen the natural defenses). The food for senior cats also contains fewer calories, in order to avoid the weight gain caused by a decrease in physical activity.

Act gradually

If you adopt a new diet, do not do it too abruptly, otherwise your cat may have to refuse the change. Start by mixing the new formula with the old one by gradually increasing the doses for about two weeks.

cat eating

The Trick To Feed A Difficult Senior Cat

An elderly cat should eat often and in small quantities. Do not hesitate to offer him a little extra if you feel that he is not interested in food, but without excess. In the senior cat, overeating quickly causes serious weight problems. A very practical tip if your cat refuses to eat: add the juice of a can of sardine to his dish. But be careful; a cat that refuses to eat beyond 48 hours “incubates” something. In this case, consult your veterinarian.

How to limit breakage?

Yes, as soon as we say “give at will”, a frozen smile (tense?) Appears on your lips “but I know my will finish everything in 10 seconds. He will become obese.” These fears are very legitimate, but really: trust me. In addition there are small things to limit breakage, while soothing the cat at the same time.

Smart / fun distributors:

The best solution to avoid this “gluttonation-of-beginnings” is the kibble distributor. Cats must “work” to recover the kibbles with their paws, so they eat more slowly, are more stimulated, and get fuller faster.