Imagine the joy of your children when they see that they have received the response from Santa Claus, a personalized letter with their first name, 3 Christmas gift ideas they want, their age.  Receive this letter message from Santa Claus with his envelope where your address will be there. Your letter and envelope will be delivered in a parcel, you just have to put the envelope in your mailbox to make your child believe that it has just arrived especially for him.

How to grow interest?

The interest here is to be able to send your child a letter that can make him believe that it comes from Santa Claus. And this will be supported by the fact that the content of the letter will be personalized, starting by being addressed by his first name. This will make it possible to “legitimize” the existence of Santa Claus on the one hand, and to show your child that when you tell him that the nowel dad sees everything and knows everything, it’s not a bluff.

On the other hand, you will be called upon to write the letter. Or modify it to your sauce, as you wish. Because no less than 28 models are offered by, including 8 for children (there are others for teenagers, adults…). Also, it’s up to you to see if you find in these models something that suits you overall, and that you will simply modify as you wish. Or write the text yourself. The idea being that once you have chosen a template, you can modify it by keeping / adding / deleting whatever you want, which is nice to have a frame already made, while adding some customization elements to it.

If you want to embellish santa letters, you can opt for various additional paying options contained in the “gold pack”: diploma of the wise child, small postcard signed by the head of the Christmas elves, or the receipt of his letter in a red metallic envelope, which is very nice that need to be admitted.

You can also, if your children are like mine, more gifted with a touchscreen tablet than their mother with her smartphone, opt for a personalized video. Here it is a photo that will be inserted into the video and will give the children (the video can be made for one or more children) the impression that everything has been done around them. For this part, you can opt for the “House of Santa Claus”, with the 4 little puppies super mimis, especially since people know that the twins like baby animals.

The videos are rather long, from 7 to 9 minutes roughly depending on the model, which allows you to see them several times without being too off-putting, which makes the investment more interesting than a small 2-minute video.