Businesses and brands can now use Instagram advertising to reach a targeted audience, promote their products and improve brand awareness. Indeed, Instagram’s advertising program is now open to all on a self-service basis.

Instagram ads previously required going through a salesperson and being part of the major brands qualified to perform the tests. The use of the  instagram account creator  is important here.

Create an Instagram campaign

Instagram campaigns are now integrated into the Facebook Power Editor campaign management interface.

So you can create a campaign both on Facebook and Instagram or only on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram now offers an offer of “sponsored content” namely:

  • Sponsored photos
  • Sponsored videos
  • Photo carousels

Advertising on Instagram should “be as engaging and high-quality as the experience of leafing through your favorite magazine,” according to comments collected from James Quarles by TheNextWeb , Instagram Brand Development Manager.

This is reminiscent of the positioning of advertising on Flipboard, but not only since it will be a native advertising, engaging and integrated as much as possible into the application to create interaction with brands without hindering the user.

Instagram has announced the possibility of creating ads in the format:

  • Square
  • Landscape
  • Long

Image ads on Instagram

This first format is a simple sponsored photo.

Video ads on Instagram

Edit: a priori, the format is available to everyone after having been tested with a selection of international brands.

Instagram video ad

Instagram therefore coptic monetize its videos in autoplay: fully using Hyperlapse, Instagram’s dedicated application for slow motion and time lapse videos and cinemagraphs could be a good idea.

Carousel Ads

Instagram has just launched a new advertising format: carousels ads. Instagram’s carousels ads allow you to create a slideshow composed of several photos that the user can view by dragging the photos to the left. This advertising format will allow either to show several products or to show different aspects of the same product.

instagram carousel advertising

Instagram mentioned it in their last release but I have to dig deep to understand what this program really covers.

It is a new premium product that helps generate attention and more reach in a very short time – perfect for events like premieres or new product launches. We therefore imagine an expensive program for the big brands to cover a large audience quickly.

Instagram polls

According to the blog, Instagram is currently testing surveys for brands. The test dates from December 2014, no more information on the progress (or abandonment) of the project.