When you have chosen your method of betting (tobacco or online), another choice is offered to you. Either you start on a “single” bet, or on a “combined” bet, or on a “system” bet. Let’s see together the definitions of each of these formulas illustrated with an example:

Single bet: this is a bet on a single sporting event (match, competition, etc.).

Example: you choose the PSG – OM match and you bet € 10 on a draw at the odds of @ 3.50. If your prognosis is correct, you win 35 € (you have to multiply your stake by the odds, i.e. 10 x 3.50 = 35). If your bet is wrong, you lose your € 10 stake.

Combination bet: this is a bet on at least 2 sporting events. You will combine the odds of the matches between them to obtain in particular a greater gain. Please note, for your bet to be a winner, all the selections (= matches) must be correct. If any of your selections are wrong, you lose your bola888 bet.

You now know how to bet on soccer and in the next part, this time we will teach you how to bet well on soccer.

Learn to bet on football

In this 2nd part, you will notably learn how to develop a betting strategy, to analyze a soccer match and to establish a follow-up of your sports bets. In short, you will learn how to bet on soccer.

The strategy

When you decide to get into sports betting, do not hesitate to adopt a real gambling strategy. If you want to put all the chances on your side to win money, this is a step not to be taken. neglect.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when developing your strategy:

Will you bet on tobacco or rather online? If you prefer material things, turn to FDJ points of sale (tobacco shop, etc.). On the other hand, if you want to bet at any time of the day without necessarily having to move, then opt for online betting.

Which betting formulas will you favor? You decide to insure the blow by playing mainly single bets? Or, do you venture to try combined to earn more? The choice is yours. We give you some advice on this point a little further down.

Will you bet once in a while? Or every week or even every day? Weigh the pros and cons, think carefully but above all play according to your means and your knowledge. If you have a small or you don’t like a game of the day, then refrain from playing every day. Again, you alone are in control of your choices.