The network of pipes is one of the systems with the highest degree of importance in a home. This is because water is the element that we use the most on a daily basis, be it for bathing, washing or cleaning. The residues that remain at the end of these activities, generally accumulate and can cause the clogging of the pipes.

The consequences of a clogged plumbing are quite annoying and can affect the health of the family. For this reason, we bring the following information, which will be very useful to you. If you are interested, we invite you to continue reading and know what to do and who to call in case of traffic jam. Calling the plumber thousand oaks happens to be the wisest decision there.

How to recognize a clogged pipe?

Clogged pipes are often a more recurring problem than we imagine. Usually, it is late when we realize what is happening, as the symptoms are quite evident. In the same way, we have set about the task of gathering them and showing them to you below in a list:

Drains: If you notice that the water is not drained or, if on the contrary, it is returned through the toilet, shower or drains; it is a sign of an obstruction.

Sound: If you hear bubbling in the drains or in the toilet, and in turn, you see them rising; you can definitely have a clogged pipe.

Scents: Generally, when the waters return because the pipes are clogged, the water brings with it residues and very bad smells.

Animals: Some animals and insects, such as rats and cockroaches, live in pipes. In this way, if any of them present obstacles, they will come out of there looking for air; and, the closest exits can be towards the interior of the house.

Causes that clog pipes

The reasons that cause the clogging of the pipes, can be many. However, below we will name the most common causes of clogged pipes in the home. This will help you recognize what is clogging the drain and take the appropriate steps to fix it.

Food scraps

Placing dishes directly in the sink after eating or pouring out residues of vegetable or fruit peels; Instead of discarding the remains in the garbage container, it can cause clogs and generate bad odors.

Unsuitable objects

Any object that passes through the opening of the pipe, will possibly trigger the obstruction of the water movement. The most common are diapers, paper, condoms, plastics, paints, cement, etc.