It must be recognized, until very recently, when it came to filling the soft tissues of the face or the hand with hyaluronic acid, collagen or autologous fat, it was done with a needle classic pointed hypodermic.

With the latest advances in the world of cannulas intended for the injection of cosmetic products, we find on the market for cannulas with rounded ends or even micro-cannulas that have completely changed the situation.

Oisto is the leading brand in this field. With its cannula models, oisto laboratories offer revolutionary micro-cannulas for the world of aesthetic care. Both practitioner and patient may experience the benefits of using a rounded cannula rather than a sharp hypodermic needle. Specialists even speak of a revolution in the world of injection.

  • The fact of using cannulas rather than sharp needles to carry out the aesthetic treatment is above all a personal choice on the part of the practitioner. It is the choice that more and more practitioners are making in the world of aesthetics.

Cannula: Flexibility and control

By definition, the needles are sharp and stiff while the cannula is more flexible. This flexibility allows the cannula to move more freely and easily during your cosmetic treatments. If too much rigidity is a problem for cosmetic treatments, so too is too much flexibility.

Oisto cannulas are designed to be more rigid than most cannulas on the market, while being much softer than a conventional needle. Oisto cannulas are the perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, offering the practitioner precise and flexible control of their movements.

Here is the same type of result, but this time with a cannula:

Reduction of the number of entry points

When it comes to the number of entry points for an injection, sharp needles require multiple entry points to deliver the chosen product bolus or linearly over a given area.

Cannulas can be used with fewer entry points to lay down fanning or matrix filler. Indeed, the liquid can be pushed freely and easily into the tissue, without discontinuity.

This makes the treatment faster and less painful, without repeated needle entry. Likewise, cannula use causes less swelling and bruising than tissue subcision.

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