Great Choices As per Your Choices for the HR

In administration, HR must integrate, a priori and in all its dimensions, the statutory framework, it is, in particular, to ensure that the business approach (job and skills management) is always articulated careers (statutory dimension, management of corps and grades).

Thus, a renewed conception of the “HR” function will require a balance based both on statutory requirements and on a desire to develop people and skills.

The different components of the “human resources management” function

The “human resources management” function covers four main areas which can be fairly clearly identified:

  • personnel administration,
  • social relations,
  • management and development of human resources,
  • The organization of work and work life.

The personnel administration

The administrative management of the personnel constitutes, obviously, the support and the base of the management of the personnel: the respect of the right of the agents, the quality and the reliability of the information which is given to them by the managers – that it the nature and scope of their rights and duties, the evolution of the regulations applicable to them – are all prerequisites for any action in the field of small business hr.


This dimension of HR covers all of the tasks related to the legal and administrative aspects of the function. From the premises of recruitment (legal and administrative organization of competitions), the establishment of rights and the preparation of the statements necessary for the liquidation of the pension, this involves monitoring and carrying out the legal implementation of the whole statutory and non-statutory operations required by the administrative management of grades and posts within the corps of civil servants: appointment, tenure, advancement in echelon, advancement in grade, reclassification, integration into another corps, regime of authorizations of absence , secondment, making available, availability, resignation, monitoring of the “official’s file”, disciplinary procedures, remuneration.

This part of HR, which in a way constitutes its core business in the public sector, requires precise knowledge of the statutory framework (general status, specific statutes of the bodies concerned, general or specific laws and regulations).

It does not suffer from approximations on pain of weakening the agents’ confidence in their managers and, consequently, of penalizing the credibility of the process of implementing an HR policy.

Social relations

This is the area of ​​administration relations with the social partners and particularly of the management of joint management.