To promote digestion, release tension or simply regain a flat stomach, belly massages offer a new type of treatment. It is less soothing but more intimate and with multiple benefits on the body and our mental state.

The Book and the Aspect

Our daily expressions translate it “having butterflies in the belly”, “having fear in the belly” it is the epicenter of our emotions, a second brain that we discovered in particular following the exit in 2015 of the bestseller The discreet charm of the intestine by Giulia Enders. We now take the time to take care of her belly, to massage it, just like the back or the face.

  • However, the practice is still marginal. Stressed, toxins stagnate in the belly, a central area connected to all our vital organs. Having a knotted stomach is not an image, it is a reality.
  • Belly massage is common and holds an important place in Herbal care, traditional Indian medicine. It is a vital part connected to more than 100 million neurons placed in the wall of the digestive tract. It is almost as much as the brain.

The 건마 treatment takes place according to a precise protocol, developed by the brand’s founders. They start with the back to let go more gradually and initiate the opening of the rib cage. The subject fall asleep a few minutes before turning to go to the climax of the massage, the belly. The masseuse starts diaphragmatic breathing exercises, breathe so as to inflate the belly to the maximum and to exhale while digging it while the practitioner exerts pressure on the plexus. An exercise aimed at releasing stored tensions.

  • More difficult for me to bear, unable to relax completely, the smoothing and heating circular maneuvers exerted on my stomach, always clockwise to promote digestion. The gestures are fast and supported to work on the intestinal activity and the blood circulation.
  • The belly is the center of our emotions, our energies are concentrated at the level of the navel. If the food has to be digested, the same goes for the emotions, a sometimes complicated process then causing “knots in the stomach” which will damage our balance and our well-being, in exactly the same way as for back nerves for example.

During the belly massage, the practitioner alternates smoothing, heating, draining and vibratory maneuvers.

The goal?

Relax the tissues, promote the elimination of toxins, increase blood circulation and allow a nervous rebalancing of the central area of ​​the body.

In addition, the Indian belly massage incorporates several abdominal breathing exercises. It is a question of inflating the belly while inhaling and of digging it while exhaling. The belly and the brain communicate constantly through the vagus nerve. This vagus nerve can be relaxed by diaphragmatic breathing exercises. As soon as the respiratory state is fluid, the activity of the intestine is regulated, the belly relaxes and the whole organism calms down.